Dcp Poultry Feed Grade

Dcp Poultry Feed Grade Manufacturers

We are a notable Dcp Feed Grade Exporter In India and have a huge clientele base across farming and livestock industries. Quality is key for our organisation and we provide top class products to our clients. Our forte lies in providing customized product supplies to multiple brands with varying needs. With an influx of demand for dicalcium phosphate or DCP in its purest form, there has been a downsizing on supply. Smaller brands have taken the advantage to provide low-grade products at competitive pricing to garner a huge clientele. This has ensured superfluous profits, but an overall market degradation.

It has been our constant endeavor to provide the best solution to our clients and our research and development team is well equipped for the same. They are in a constant process of researching and deriving answers for poultry feed essentials and finding newer ways to extract dicalcium phosphate. The poultry feed is usually a blend of cereals and grainy mix along with essential fats and nutrients derived from plants with a dash of vitamins and minerals. Additional elements include crucial amino acid supplements needed to make the poultry animals disease resistant and healthy. DCP is extremely rich in calcium and is often used as the main component of an organic diet.

Our research team has discovered that the poultry birds require great amounts of phosphate and calcium in their daily diet. This helps them form a sturdy skeletal structure with healthy growth and development during the ovulating period and finally the creation of strong shelled eggs. If there is an increase in arsenic and toxic levels in dicalcium phosphate or DCP, it affects the poultry birds and causes diseases. This is largely caused when the owners resort for cheaper alternatives with degraded quality. Arsenic is toxic and a sudden increase of fluorine leads to corrosion and degradation to greater levels.

As a well-structured organisation, we have taken the responsibility to provide the best deals and best quality products to the leading industries across India. Poultry adds on to a significant percentage of the national GDP and with the right feed and supply, we can contribute more. The total amount of phosphorous is largely dominated by the amount of quicklime added during the manufacturing process. Phosphorous is a vital element and helps cell division and creation of new tissues and also helps in regulating the acid to blood balance.

Being a Dcp Poultry Feed Grade Exporter In India, we will continue to strive and research around newer ways to increase our output at a minimum input level.

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