Dicalcium Phosphate Poultry Feed Grade

Dicalcium Phosphate Poultry Feed Grade

We are premium dicalcium phosphate poultry feed grade manufacturer & supplier in Vadodara, Gujarat India and have been providing DCP to multiple industries for a considerable period of time. For us, quality is key, and we do not compromise on the same. Our clientele base consists of some of the biggest livestock and poultry brands across India. Each of these verticals have multiple demands, and we have customized packs to suit each of their requirements.

Poultry diets largely consist of a well thought of a mixture of cereals and grains, the by-products of cereals, fats and certain proteins derived from plants, vitamins, and mineral supplements largely consisting of dicalcium phosphate and other amino acids and feed. As an industry expert, we have seen a sudden surge in the demand for poultry feed and decreasing supply rate. To make the most of this situation, small companies have started distributing cheap and low-key products to thrive in the business. The low-grade products are usually high on fluorine and arsenic content, which can affect your poultry animals’ health.

Therefore, we have taken up the initiative of increasing the supply with quality products that are beneficial to the brand. Our research and development team are on a constant lookout to find the best ways to increase the production for a steady flow of supply. They are also on a constant lookout for technological advancements to formulate the best products to enhance the poultry feed.

Dicalcium phosphate is a bioactive chemical composition which has high calcium content and helps in boosting the immunity of the animals. The chemical composition tends to increase the lifespan of the chickens and make them disease resistant. This is very important from the nation’s economic point of view as poultry products add on to a small share to the GDP of the country. The chemical composition largely has phosphorus as the dominant chemical. This element is found in the bones of animals and human beings. The element is known to act as a catalyst for major biological activities in the body. It acts as a facilitator for cells to divide and form newer tissues in the body.

DCP as a chemical composition boosts immunity as a whole and enables the growth of poultry animals and maintains their acid and blood balance. As a dicalcium phosphate poultry feed grade manufacturer & supplier in Vadodara, Gujarat India we understand the market dynamics and constantly strive to be at par with the same.

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