Dicalcium Phosphate Feed Grade

Dicalcium Phosphate Feed Grade

As a leading dicalcium phosphate Feed Grade Manufacturer, Exporter & Suppliers In Vadodara, Gujarat India, we have witnessed an increasing demand for livestock feed. Unfortunately, the supply has receded and small organisations are providing degraded quality of dicalcium phosphate to make the most of the situation. This leads to health degradation of the cattle and livestock and affects the Indian economy at large.

We feel that quality and timely supply should be the core ethos of every brand and we adhere to the same. Our organisation boasts of a strong research and development team who are on a constant pursuit to find unique methods of manufacturing dicalcium phosphate. Dicalcium phosphate works as an activating agent and is extremely rich in minerals and vital for humans and animals alike. We largely utilize the ‘wet acid’ method to create DCP and feel that it is the best way to extract the purest form of DCP with low fluorine content. Over dose of fluorine often leads to corrosion of the bones and teeth and it is not desirable. The phosphate levels can largely be regulated by the amount of chemical lime added during the processing time.

Our lab workers treat the phosphate with concentrated and generous amounts of Sulphuric Acid and quick lime to create dicalcium phosphate. The next best alternative includes treating the phosphate with concentrated hydrochloric acid. This leaves behind a powdery residue of microcrystalline substance, which is white in colour and does not have a taste. Using this method, our team produces different grades of DCP and to fit the need of every livestock and cattle owner. We have strict protocols around the level of purity and ensure that the contamination levels are kept at the lowest. A small negligence on our end can lead to toxic quality degradations and affect livestock businesses.

DCP in cattle feed ensures that the animals have bulk production of milk that is widely consumed by a major chunk of Indians. It also helps the cattle and livestock become immune to diseases and increase their mortality rate. Dicalcium phosphate’s calcium-rich nature makes it an important element in cell division and formation of newer tissues and wool production.

R.A. Enterprises is a popular name in the dicalcium phosphate Feed Grade Manufacturer, Exporter & Suppliers In Vadodara, Gujarat India. Our products ensure that your animals are well taken care of and ensure the highest returns on investment to your brand.

  • It enhances your animals’ productivity with a consistent nutrient
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