Dicalcium Phosphate Low Fluorine

Dicalcium Phosphate Low Fluorine

We are a popular DCP exporter & supplier Vadodara, Gujarat, India and are known for providing Dicalcium phosphate with low fluorine content. Dicalcium phosphate is a bio-activating agent and widely used by 64% of the organisations around the world. The chemical composition is rich in calcium and has a similar molecular structure like the bones. Calcium is vital for both animals and humans and is largely used for food manufacturing, pharmaceutical production, and other miscellaneous productions.

The chemical composition of Dicalcium Phosphate makes it a bioactive synthetic material. This makes it a popular choice for calcium supplements, as the molecular structures are osteoconductive in nature. The agent is classified in accordance to their reabsorbing power. The phosphate is believed to show a positive interaction with the human tissues that trigger the absorption of growth proteins.

As a Dicalcium phosphate low fluorine manufacturer, we have clients across leading livestock organizations, healthcare segments, and consumer durable segment. Low fluorine is largely preferred as an overdose of fluoride can lead to intense toxicity and corrosion. Fluorine is a dominant element in bones and teeth enamel and if someone is using a product high in fluorine, it leads to injuries. There is only a certain percentage of fluorine that is allowed in products. Beyond which it gets lethal and harmful for consumption.

Dicalcium phosphate is used in the animal care segment, as it tends to increase milk production, utilizes the absorbed nutrients to its truest form, increases growth rate amongst the young animal babies, provides strong immunity and prevents diseases like milk fever and increases life expectancy. As a leading organization, we offer the best grade DCP (Dicalcium Phosphate) for poultry feed as well. By providing the right concoction, the moisture-binding agent present in the chemical makes it suitable for the poultry feed. The chemical also plays a dominant role in the manufacturing of breakfast cereals and other calcium supplements for the human body.

In the dental segment, the phosphates are used for creating tartar preventive mouth rinsing agents, whitening agents and liquids for the sensitive teeth. The chemical composition is also used in the personal care segment for the manufacturing of buffering agents, softeners, fillers and dispersants to name a few. It is also used to create multivitamin supplements, as Dicalcium Phosphate is mineral rich.

The raw form of this chemical mix is filled with a lot of impurities and as DCP exporter & supplier Vadodara, Gujarat, India; we ensure that the purest form is delivered with the least amount of contaminations.

  • Dietary calcium supplements
  • Animal feed supplements
  • Certain forms of water softeners
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