Rock Based Dicalcium Phosphate

Rock Based Dicalcium Phosphate

As a Rock Phosphate Wholesale Manufacturer, we feel that the production process makes a big difference. The most common form of manufacturing is called the ‘wet acid’ method. In this method, the rock phosphate is made to react with concentrated Sulphuric Acid. This releases phosphoric acid, which is further processed and then cleansed. Therefore once we have the acid in its purest form, it is further treated with quicklime or limestone to create dicalcium phosphate. This chemical composition appears white and microcrystalline in nature and does not have a taste. With a growing demand in the market for Dicalcium Phosphate, low key brands have began selling the cruder versions of this composition. The crude versions contain a high percentage of lethal and toxic inorganic substances like arsenic, chloride and lead. If the cruder versions are used in the manufacturing process, it will degrade the production quality and can be deadly to both animals and humans.

The Suppliers Vadodara, Gujarat largely follow a common method of dissolving finely powdered rock phosphate in hydrochloric acid to create a monocalcium phosphate solution. The solution largely contains a lot of calcium fluoride, which is segregated from the solution and the remnants are further purified. Often some amounts of monocalcium phosphate are retained for various manufacturing requirements.

Dicalcium Phosphate has a versatile requirement across all the industries and production segments in India. It is not only used for animal products, but also for human beings. The chemical composition plays a very big role in the pharmaceutical segment and acts as a binding agent for tablets. It stabilizes the overall swallowing process of the medicines making it easier to consume. It is also used in various calcium supplements for the extra kick.

The molecular structure of Dicalcium Phosphate being very similar to bones makes it a key ingredient in cement and other hardening products used in the construction industry. The chemical is also used in the dental care segment for the creation of mouthwashes and toothpaste and certain whitening agents.

Likewise, the mineral mixture present in Dicalcium Phosphate makes it a great choice for animal feed manufacturing. The major focus lies on livestock and poultry largely as the consumption and demand for this segment is higher. The chemical is believed to make the animals disease resistant and healthy with lesser diseases. Thus, there is a big demand for Rock Phosphate Wholesale Manufacturer who would provide the chemical composition in the purest form to these thriving industries.

  • Animal feed
  • Key ingredient in cement and other hardening products
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