Dicalcium Phosphate Animal Feed Grade

Dicalcium Phosphate Animal Feed Grade

As a leading animal feed grade manufacturer, we have observed a growing demand for Dicalcium phosphate in the animal husbandry vertical. Dicalcium phosphate is an activating agent and extremely rich in minerals that are vital for living beings. We largely prepare at an industry level by following a ‘wet acid’ method. In this process, the phosphate is treated with sulphuric acid and quicklime to form dicalcium phosphate.

Our Research and Development team is on the constant lookout for newer forms of production. The nest best form devised by them includes treating with hydrochloric acid, but the end residue is white mass of microcrystalline power. The chemical composition is tasteless in nature and needs to be obtained in the purest form for best industry practices. A slight amount of contamination leads to degradation of the overall quality and might become toxic.

Phosphorus is a dominant element found in the bones of and teeth of animals and human beings. It acts as a catalyst for major biological functions and plays a vital role in energy metabolism. The element acts as an energy giver for cells and helps in cell division along with increasing the immunity in animals and facilitating milk and wool production. Phosphorous is also known for maintaining the acidic balance in the blood and enables growth hormone proteins in animals.

As an Exporter Vadodara, Gujarat, India, we feel that the reality is slightly different and the livestock receives less amount of phosphorous than they should. The main reason being the phosphorous content in vegetables is low and upon consumption, the body takes half of it. This leads to deficiencies and bad livestock health with decreased productivity and health issues. The solution to the same can be found in dicalcium phosphate mixed animal feed. The organic feed needs to have the required level of P-content for optimal productivity and growth.

The animal largely comprises of phosphates that can be a blend of tri-, di- and monocalcium phosphates. The primary difference between these feeds is the total amount of phosphorous content. The phosphorous content is largely regulated by the amount of chemical lime added to the solution during the manufacturing process. With the increasing demand, a lot of small production manufacturers are coming up with contaminated cheap scale chemical feds.

It is essential to opt for a licensed Dicalcium Phosphate Animal Feed Grade In Vadodara, Gujarat India like us – R.A. Enterprises. We provide you with quality products required for your livestock at a compelling market price that ensures maximum return on investment. It enhances your animals’ productivity with a consistent nutrient check and better mortality rate.

  • It enhances your animals’ productivity with a consistent nutrient
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